As of  3/26/18, these were the  consignments for the spring, 2018 auction.  See the bottom of this page for consignments at the auction which were not previously listed as consignments.  They just showed on check--in day.

Pheasants:    Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Dark-throated Golden, Peach Splash Golden, Lady Amherst, Cheer, Mikado, Edwards, Elliot’s, Linneated Kalij, Reeves, Blue-Eared, Silver, Swinhoe, Chinese Ringneck, Bianchi Ringneck

Quail: Bobwhite, Mexican Speckled, Tennessee Red, Gambel’s, Blue Scale

Partridge:  Red Chukars, Barbary, Philby


Wild Waterfowl  Ducks  White Mandarins, Mandarins, Apricot Wood Ducks, Wood Ducks, Ruddy Shelducks, Common Shelducks, Chiloe Wigeons, Marble Teal


Swans:  Blacks Swans 

Pigeons & Doves:  Fantails in Yellow & Red, Iraqi High Flyers, Runts

Peafowl:  India Blue, India Blue Pied, Black Shoulder, Purple Black Shoulder, Opal, Opal Black Shoulder, Bronze

HOAGBA Bird & Animal Auction Gardner, KS

What kinds of birds and animals will be consigned?

Chickens:  Standard Barred Rock pullets, Golden Comet hens & roosters, Araucana  pullets. Production Red pullets, various laying hens, Welsummers, Cream Legbars, Rhodebars,  Black Copper Moran, Silver Phoenix, Ayam Cemani, Golden Lackenvelder, Silver Lakenvelder, Golden Campine,  Blue Orpington, Lavender Orpington, Buff Orpington, Jubilee Orpington, Malay, Blue Red-laced Wyandottes  Bantams:  Mottled Cochins, Belgium Quail d’Uccle, Porcelain d’Uccle, Millie Fleur d’ Uccle, Old English including BB Red, Silver, Red Quill, Silkies, Serama

Ducks:  Calls - Gray, White, Snowy, Pastel, Chocolate, Blue, Butterscotch, Khaki; Black East Indies, White Muscovy, Penin Khaki Campbell, Ancona

Geese:  Giant Embden, Egyptian, White Chinese, Sebastopol

Turkeys:  ???? Guineas:  Pearl, White, Lavender, Chocolate

Rabbits:   Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop, New Zealand, California, Flemish Giant, Polish, Netherland Dwarf,

Aviary Birds and Equipment: pr. tame and talking Alexandrine Parrakeets, pr. Pacific Parrolet, pr. Scarlet-Chested Grass Keets,  Rosy Bourke Parakeet,   English Parakeet, variety of Parakeets,  Lutino, white, and normal Cockatiels, Lovebirds, gray male chinchilla, male Guinea Pig, nest boxes, bird cages, bird toys, aviary bird books, feeders, water cups

Used Equipment

Cages, pet taxies, feeders, waterers, wire, netting and just about any kind of used bird equipment including a GQF 1502 incubator with the command center, and various small table-top incubators

This is a sale where not everyone lets me know what they will be consigning. These birds and animals were consigned on Friday.  These birds/eggs had not previously been listed on consignments.


There were 1022 lots of birds and rabbits consigned to the main arena that had not previously listed as being consigned:  Holland Lop, Welsh, Mini Rex, Lion-headed, Minin-Satin & D’argent rabbits; Ruddy Shelducks, Red Crested Pochard, Cinnamon Teal, Tuftedm Rosy Bill, Lesser Scaup Ducks; Cackler, Giant Canada, and Greated Magellan Geese; Rpyal Palm, Blue Slate, Bronze, & Black Spanish Turkeys: Pilgrim, Pomaranian Geese; Hodan, Salmon Favarolle, Deleware, Polish, Speckled Sussex, Asil, & others


There were 363 lots of hatching eggs  and/or Chicks:  Cream Legbars, Lavender Orpington, Jubilee Orpington, Chocolate Orpington, Buff Orpington, Buff Polish, Wyandottes, Black Copper Morans, Blue Copper Marans, Olive Eggers, Coturnix Quail in several colors including Scarlet Tuxeodo, Rhode Island Red, Cinnamon Queen, Cuckoo Moran, Partridge Cochin, Dark Brahama, Silkies, Rhodebars, several varieties of ducks and Turkeys


There were 58 lots of aviary birds and equipment:  These birds & animals had not [previously listed as being consigned:  a large parrot, green cheeked conures, white canaries, gecko, guinea pigs, & hamsters.


There were 2 groups of animals:  a miniature donkey & 2 goats.


There were 226 lots of equipment.  Equipment not previous listed included a GQF hatcher, a Brinsea Octagon 20, 2 new Little Giant incubators & new Little Giant feeders and waters.


This was a large sale with over 600 buyers in attendance. 

I entered 146 new buyers to the Excel Bidder list Spreadsheet.


Our auctioneers Dennis Connolly, David Lassen, Dee Hill, and Daniel Wagler kept things moving right along so that the auction was over by about 5 p.m.

 It took awhile longer to get everyone check out. 

LaDonna Lickteig, Cindy Hoffman, and I finished up the office at 9:30.


The clerks Jordan Ramey, Bob O’Malley, Kathy Gander

 worked extra hard to record sales.


The office crew July O’Malley, Candance O’Malley, Alexa O’Malley,

and Jan Carpenter did a fantastic job.

 They were joined by these club members who volunteered their time Mike Wray 7 his two daughters,


A big thank-you to all consignors & buyers.

Without you, there would not be an HOAGBAGARDNERAUCTION.


A big thank you to all club members

 who got the consignments checked in on Friday

and to all members who helped in the ring on Saturday

& with the chick & egg check-in.

 You know who you are!!!