As of 8/7/17, consignors have indicated they will be consigning these birds & animals. This list is not guaranteed.† Things happen & critters die or people change their minds about selling them!! This list will be updated as needed.† Send your consignments to the email address at the bottom of this page.

Pheasants:†† Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Cinnamon Golden, Elliotís, Bar-Tail, Reeves, Bianchi Ringneck

Quail: Mexican Speckled, Tennessee Red, Gambelís

Partridge:† Red Chukars


Wild Waterfowl

Ducks White Mandrins, Marble Teal, Chiloe Wigeon, Silver Bahama Pintail, Common Shelducks Geese Greater Magellan, Cape Barren, Ross, Cacklers



HOAGBA Bird & Animal Auction Gardner, KS

What kinds of birds and animals will be consigned?

Chickens:† 10 or more varieties Old English, Buff & Blue Silkies Ducks & Geese:†

Rabbits:†† Mini Rex, New Zealand, California, Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop

Consignments Wanted!! Your consignments can be listed here.


For Information about consigning† Contact:

Phone:† 913-879-2587


Aviary Birds: Parakeets

Baby Chicks: Warm Room Critters:†

Used Equipment

Cages, pet taxies, feeders, waterers, wire, netting

Ratites: 2017 hatch Emu & Rhea