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        On February 28, I received the following information about the Newcastle outbreak in California from Jennifer Ukena at the Kansas Department of Animal  who forwarded   an email regarding the quarantine notice and requirements and permitting issued by the California Department of Agriculture  in order  to ship in California:  “Please note below the new vND quarantine areas and import requirements for live poultry/hatching eggs from state veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones, California Department of Agriculture. The quarantine notice and maps links can be found on the right side of the webpage. Any shippers from your state who want to ship into LA County and the western part of San Bernardino County and Riverside County must contact CDFA for more information about requirements and permitting before shipping. 


vND webpage updates:


This link is the official notice:


Thank you for your cooperation. Please decline any digital VS 9-3 forms coming through your system if the shipment address is in any of the new quarantine zones, unless the shipper has a special permit issued by CDFA.


Monica Della Maggiore, California Poultry Federation

California Poultry Health Board Administrator/NPIP

4640 Spyres Way Suite 4

Modesto, CA  95356

(209) 576-6355


       If you plan on selling birds or animals at the auction, email or call me with a list of your consignments. Consignments will be listed on the consignment page of the web site in mid-February and will updated as needed.  There are a lot of people who check those consignments so get your stuff listed.  The Craigslist crew will be posting to Craigslist about 3 weeks before the auction. 

If you are a Friday auction volunteer, be sure and read this information about the pot luck lunch: The club will  buy the paper plates, napkins,  plastic table wear, water/pop and meat which Dennis Connolly will prepare. Club members working on Friday:  bring a side dish such as a salad, casserole, relish plate, chips, or a dessert.  There is a refrigerator for keeping things cold, but we’ll have to figure out how to heat things if they aren’t in crock pots.  This is a first time try.  Let’s make it work!! Any questions, call Terry 913-879-2587. This will give Myrna Tuley a break from having to prepare the dinner.  We want to thank her for all the effort she went to for many years to see to it that everybody who volunteered on Friday was fed.  THANK YOU, MYRNA!!


        As most of you are aware, the Veterinary Feed Directive, which was effective 1/1/17, included a ban on water soluble antibiotics to be sold over the counter. Prior to the VDF, 99% of water soluble and feed grade medication used in food animal production was over the counter (OTC). After Guidance # 213 went into effect, OTC accessibility to these medications dropped to 39%. According to the information in one of the trade magazines we receive, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention Control (CDC) is gathering information and intends to develop and implement a strategy for insuring that all medically important antimicrobial drugs used in food–producing animals are labeled with an appropriately targeted duration of use which will include over-the-counter antimicrobial drugs being under veterinary oversight. Simply put, these remaining OTC drugs will most likely go Rx.  In July, 2018, CVM published a proposed rule that would add Cephalosporins to antibiotic products no longer available OTC.  The first phase of changes implemented by FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) will be initiated between 2019-2019 and the second phase will get underway in 2022-2023.   

 I contacted the new manufacturer for an update on the availability of salmonella pullorum plate antigen supply.   The date for the release of the new batch is not known at this time because of the government shut-down which affects getting new batches approved for release to the public. I did learn that in all likelihood, it will be released in a slightly smaller 40 ml bottle. At this time the price has not been determined.


             I received this email from The Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health October 9th, 2018 regarding the availability of Salmonella pullorum plate antigen in Kansas:


Dear Certified Pullorum Typhoid Testers,


As many of you are aware, the salmonella pullorum plate antigen supply is low, and the product is on backorder. We are reaching out to you, our certified testers, to help fill the shortage of the supply. If you have extra antigen, you don’t think you will be able to use before it expires, please contact our office at 785-564-6602, or email


Best Regards,


Jennifer Ukena, Kansas Department of Agriculture

Division of Animal Health

1320 Research Park Dr.

Manhattan, KS 66502





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