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Testing & Permit Requirements for Selling Animals

Testing Requirement for AnimalsK. S.A. Article 10 - Public Livestock Markets - Regulations 47-1001 to 47-1013 require a separate health paper in triplicate for each animal. All Fur-bearing animals including pot-bellied pigs, goats, sheep, ratites, and all birds must have general health papers. Give health papers to check-in people before animals are unloaded. All tests must be conducted within 30 days of the sale.


Cattle, Buffalo, Elk, Goats, & Llamas over 6 months old must have a negative TB and Bangs Test. 


Deer over 6 months old must have a negative Brucellosis test or have proof of being from an accredited Brucellosis free herd.


Horse, Mules, & Donkeys must have a negative Coggins Test.


New scapies regulations require that sexually intact sheep & goats sold for breeding be individually identified with a permanent form of identification.  This can be done with a flock tag  obtained from the premise of origin from the USDA, a USDA  approved tag applied & premise of origin recorded at the sale barn or auction, or a registration tattoo.  As it is impossible to know that sexually intact sheep & goats sold at an auction will be going directly to slaughter, all sexually intact sheep and goats should be identified. Tags are available at the auction.


Auction records are available for inspection by USDA & state inspectors for 1 year after the auction. Bring your USDA, state game breeder’s permit, and/or waterfowl permit with you.  A USDA license is required for anyone selling hedgehogs, short-tail possums, and sugar gliders.


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